MUSEPAPER explores the possibilities of a monthly writing practice, the gift of deadlines, and the novelty unleashed when we dare to write outside our comfort zones, push the envelope, and follow our Muse. 

We’ve spent a quarter of a century awarding and publishing thousands of new and emerging poets and writers, and we asked each one for their best writing advice. Nearly all of them center on one truth: Writers — the successful ones — write. With that as inspiration, we listened to our own Muse and Musepaper was born.

MUSEPAPER is an imprint of New Millennium Writings, home of the award-winning literary journal, New Millennium Writings, and creator of the award-winning small press and book awards, Sunshot Press.

We believe in the creative potential of every writer, regardless of experience. Blind and anonymous judging ensures equality to writers of every level. All writers are welcome, and no style or subject matter is off-limits.


100% Independent

Not beholden to any institution, corporation, university, or foundation for grants or funding of any kind

Available Online & In Print
Paperback & Hardcover Formats
Custom Broadside Designs

Our support comes from like-minded, creative individuals, whether poets and writers submitting their work (via Subscription or Submittable), readers who buy our books,  fans of our broadsides, and everyone who tells their friends about us.

Your support helps to ensure future of literature is not homogenized and dumbed-down by the zero-sum games of multi-billion dollar, multinational-conglomerates, big data,
and numbers on a balance sheet. 

Your support and participation is needed, appreciated, and encouraged.
Thanks for reading this far. We’re glad you’re here.

Editor-in-Chief | Alexis Williams

Editor Emeritus | Don Williams

Publisher | Brent Carr


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