A quarter-century of encouraging, awarding, and publishing new and emerging writers.

Exploring the possibilities of spontaneous writing, the gift of deadlines, and the artistry unleashed by daring to write outside our comfort zones.

Exploring the possibilities of spontaneous writing, the gift of deadlines, and the artistry unleashed by daring to write outside our comfort zones.

Literature evolves when a small group of people find a better way to write.

The Monthly Musepaper

Thoughtfully curated Writing Prompts every month.

Entries can be stories, essays, or poems.

Each entry must be 1,000 words or less.

The top 3 pieces in each Writing Prompt will receive the Musepaper Prize (incl. our marvelous Enigma Gift) + Publication (online and in print).

That’s right, we award at least 6 Musepaper Prizes every month. 

You can see the previous winners here, or in Musepaper, Volume 1, which will be released in August 2019 (and available for special pre-order here).

All Writing Prompts open on the 5th of each month. Writers can view the regular prompts and enter via Submittable (here) or…

For the poets and writers looking to level up, for something more adventurous, and bold, you’re in luck. The past two years have been a deep-dive in how to deliver the next best thing to our writing community. This is the core of Musepaper, it’s Occam’s Razor, and it’s guaranteed to make you a better writer.

If you’re ready to press buttons, pull levers, turn knobs, push the envelope, affect change, and follow your Muse, click the stamp below and join us.

Musepaper, Volume 1, will be available in print on August 20, 2019. The collection is brilliant, funny, and deep, each work a beautiful little masterpiece.

How do we maintain such high-caliber works when the industry publishing rate is only ~0.2% on average?

We’ve hosted NMW’s biannual writing awards for a quarter-century and are incredibly grateful to have earned the trust of so many remarkable poets and writers. We mostly depend on word-of-mouth and 100% of our winners are from the “Slush Pile” (unsolicited).

The importance of established and trusted literary journals, and the synergy like-minded and passionate writers can create, cannot be understated. A vibrant and healthy literary scene matters. The success of Sunshot Press is another great example of this synergy in action. It is powerful and it is why we press on. 

Musepaper is no different. A small, passionate group of SUBSCRIBERS is all that will be needed for us to make magic. If you haven’t joined yet, please let us know what’s holding you back. 



Language creates our world.
Literature changes it.

New Millennium Writings has inspired and energized and supported my writing for years. I have felt personally connected, respected, and encouraged by both Don and Alexis. These editors care! Gratitude!

Georganne H.
Subscribed in June 2019

I want to support and connect with honest, brave and energetic writers. We have never needed these writers more.

Subscribed in June 2019

I want to be a part of a writing community that provides engaging opportunities to writers like me that are trying to figure it all out.

Subscribed in June 2019

The mission spoke to me, right now in this period of my writing - releasing my writing into the world is so important, and hard.

Subscribed in June 2019

I am an introvert, so getting out in the world and becoming part of a creative community is important Musepaper is creative, innovative, and caters to the writers.

Subscribed in June 2019