The One

By ​Jess Chua of Port Charlotte, Florida

Blink and you might miss a realization. Exploring means reliving certain things, reopening some wounds to willingly suffer but be rewarded with each new step made in the right direction…

Most Likely to Kidnap the Olsen Twins

By ​Anna Svoboda of London, England

They’re the epitome of huge people in tiny bodies. They wear flats to just underscore their point, “size doesn’t matter.” They come up to the armpits of most people that surround them, but they don’t need to be looking down to know that they’re deities….

What I Saw

By ​​Constance Campana of Attleboro, Massachusetts

When, a day later, I found the missing letters, I felt pure joy, as though I’d found my mother again. And I had: her voice was her, and I longed for her to continue to tell me who she was…

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