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Members-Only Prompts

Ever-Expanding Selection​ and Variety

Founding Subscribers are invited to take part in new and experimental publications and exclusive writing prompts. Members are given an extra submission each month for any Members-Only Prompt. 

A Musepaper Prize will be awarded to the top winner of each Members-Only Prompt.

The first Members-Only Prompt officially kicks off in July, with more to follow. Many will stick around and become permanent monthly prompts (like the “Never-Ending” Series).

Member-Sourced Evolution

Polls, Surveys, Feedback, and Member Suggestion Boxes

Members are invited to directly influence the evolution of Musepaper.

Surveys, feedback options, and suggestion boxes will cover a broad range of decisions. From cover design to typeface, and ideas beyond the margin, these are your books, too. 

Participation is optional, Members can chime in as much or as little as they’d like.

The first poll is now underway! Votes cast will determine the cover design for Musepaper, Vol. 1 (August 15, 2019).

COVER A - Leo's Notebook
View hi-resolution images and close ups...
Join today and cast a vote.
COVER B - CLIO'S Debut a brief background/synopsis...
Join today and cast a vote.
COVER C - EYES of the world with the competition, then vote!
Join today and cast a vote.

The Never-Ending...

Poem, Story, and Essay

One amazing perk of becoming a Founding Subscriber?

The chance to start a new series of print publications where authors build on each others creativity to create something beautiful and unending.

Writers who subscribe between now and June 30th can submit to any one of the Never-Ending categories (Poem/Story/Essay). The best submission in each category will become the first installment, laying the foundation for every single poem, story, or essay that comes after.

Custom Seals

Customized, Personalized, Individually Numbered

As glorifier of history, great deeds, and accomplishments, Clio (our Muse) is thrilled to present each Founding Member with their very own seal.

Founding Subscribers can receive there very own digital Founding Member Seal. Each seal is individually designed and sequentially numbered and will be a distinguished addition to any printed work or digital space (website, blog, email signature, etc).

Seals are delivered in both web-friendly and print-ready formats and can also be added to Member profiles.

—scroll over pictures to see examples—

Meet our muse


Proclaimer, Glorifier, Celebrator

Like all the muses, Clio is a daughter of Zeus and the Titaness Mnemosyne, and is the goddess of memory, music, and song. Sometimes referred to as “the Proclaimer,” she is known as the glorifier and celebrator of history, great deeds, and accomplishments.

She is often represented with an open scroll or a book, or playing a lyre. For the launch of Musepaper, inspiration struck and told us a double neck guitar would be more fitting. What could be more daring and prolific?

Thanks for checking out Musepaper!

If you’ve made it this far and you’re still on the fence, hop on down and join us. Here’s why:

  • Nothing will take your writing to the next level more effectively than small, continual improvement. Step-by-step it can hardly be seen, but this compounding effect creates exponential growth.
  • New Millennium Writings has been awarding new and emerging writers for nearly a quarter century. Most recently, we created Sunshot Press, and the inaugural publications have already garnered Finalist awards from PEN and Next Gen Indie Awards. We’re expecting equally swift and amazing results from the Musepaper.

It’s hard to contain our excitement, but we’re at the beginning of something really special and we want you join us.

Whatever you decide, we wish you love, laughter, and respect. We hope to read you soon.

Your friends,

Alexis & Brent

P.S. Learn more on the About page or reserve your copies of Volume 1.

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