New London NH, Shopping Plaza

Rain turned to sleet, then hail,
during my hour of errands,
leaving a macadamed parking
lot of black icy terror
beneath my feet.

Clutching a soon to end
railing and moving stealthily,
twenty feet of open space still
stood before me and my car door.

A silver pick up truck slid to a halt
so close my heart stopped.
A young man carefully got out,
took my arm, supported me right
to my ice encrusted vehicle,
cleaned it off and helped me inside.

Thanks did not seem adequate
for this modern day knight
helping a damsel in distress,
but on the small chance
he may read this poem
or others may read it
and be inspired by his chivalry,
I become a troubadour
and offer him this ode of praise
as he rides off into the setting sun
in his snow-dappled Ford 150.

Musepaper Poem Prize #42

Dianalee Velie, Poet Laureate of Newbury, New Hampshire, is a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College, and has a Master of Arts in Writing from Manhattanville College. Author or five books of poetry, Glass House, First Edition, The Many Roads to Paradise, The Alchemy of Desire, Ever After and a collection of short stories, Soul Proprietorship.

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